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manufacturer of exporting long pistachio in Iran

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Manufacturer of exporting pistachioOutput’s rate of different kinds of pistachioExporting pistachio market in Iran

The related guild has presented manufacturers of exporting pistachio. This can help other activists to improve the quality of their products and it also has a good influence on agriculturists’ performance.

Moreover, lots of agriculturists like this incentive plans so it can improve selling of all kinds of pistachio.

Manufacturer of exporting pistachio

As everyone knows, one of the most important parts of Iran’s economy is export.
Export capacity of pistachio in this country is extremely high.

Regarding this, the manufacturer of exporting pistachio should consider some issues to improve his performance This products can completely change merchants point of about pistachio market.

Output’s rate of different kinds of pistachio

Different kinds of pistachio are producing annually. They categorized in 4 main group

  • Akbari ( Super long ) Pistachio
  • Ahmad aghaei (Long) pistachio
  • Fandogho ( Round) pistachio
  • Kale ghochi (jumbo) pistachio

Producing amount for each type of pistachio is different.
This type of differences is not only among kinds of pistachio but also it exists between the cities which produce them.
For instance, Pistachio production rate is extremely high in Kermen and especially in Rafsanjan.


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Exporting pistachio market in Iran

All of 4 different kinds of pistachio are involved in Iran’s exportation marketing.
Although demands of the Akbari (super long) and Ahmad aghaei (long pistachio) are much more than others, some demand for other kinds too.

So the fandoghi (round) and kale ghochi (jumbo) pistachio are also used for export.
Similarly, the demandant country is important too because it has influence on kinds of pistachio.

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