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Organic Pistachio Kernels to Export

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Do Pistachio Shells Open Naturally?Pistachio and Being Super FillingOrganic Pistachio Kernels Bulk Price

Our country is one of the largest exporters of quality organic pistachio kernels. Iranian producers export pistachio kernels in very high tonnages to other countries after meeting the needs of domestic markets. In fact, this case shows that the producers of our country have been able to satisfy foreign customers and their quality products.

Organic Pistachio Kernels to Export

Do Pistachio Shells Open Naturally?

Do Pistachio Shells Open Naturally? Peel a pistachio, grate it and squeeze the juice. Note that staying in the skin of pistachios for more than a week, in addition to blackening, may produce aflatoxin toxin. Too much of this toxin is dangerous and avoid eating pistachios whose fresh skin is completely blackened and black has been transferred to the woody shell. Peeling fresh pistachios (or green pistachios) is hard work, and peeling too much will damage the nails. Therefore, in the following, we will explain the easy method to you.

Step 1: Separate the pistachio branches although fresh pistachios sold in stores usually do not have branches, make sure there are no extra branches between the pistachios. Branches can cause problems in later stages.

Step 2: Pour the pistachios into a tight plastic bag Find a sturdy nylon bag. In this experiment, we used an ordinary plastic bag, which, of course, was torn after 2 uses. You can also use two layers of bags. Now fill about a quarter to a third of the usable space of the bag with pistachios. Usable space is the space of the bag, except for the handles or the part that is used to tie the bag.

Step 3: Close the bag tie the bag so that there is not too much air in the bag that inflates when you press the bag. The size of the pistachios should be such that when you place the bag on the ground, the pistachios inside the bag form a flat layer of 3-4 cm at most.

Step 4: Press the pistachios together Press the pistachios on top of each other with the palm of your hand or foot (which of course is easier on the foot) and slide. Do this carefully so that the bag does not tear and do not allow a large part of the pistachio to collect in one corner of the bag and be pressed to prevent tearing. Continue until the pistachio skins come off.

Step 5: Separate the skin of fresh pistachios Now it is enough to untie the knot of the bag and empty the pistachios on a tray. You can easily separate the skins and pistachios. Of course, there are still some pistachios whose skin is firmly attached. These pistachios are usually whole or hollow.

Pistachio and Being Super Filling

Pistachio and Being Super Filling The nature of pistachio is warm and dry, and its properties in traditional medicine include strengthening the stomach, treating diarrhea, strengthening the nerves and calming the heart, increasing memory and strengthening the mind, preventing cancer, opening the liver ducts and relieving cough. To remove the heat and dryness of pistachios, you can use vinegar, sour pomegranate or apricot leaves.

Protein is one of the essential substances for pregnancy that helps the growth of muscle and tissue of the fetus, and therefore fresh pistachios are also useful for pregnancy with a large amount of protein. As mentioned, fresh pistachios reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol in the blood, so it is effective in controlling the level of fat in pregnancy. Since some pregnant women may suffer from constipation, pistachios can prevent constipation due to their high fiber content. Also, the presence of vitamins A and E in pistachios helps to improve and prevent infectious problems.

Organic Pistachio Kernels Bulk Price

Organic Pistachio Kernels Bulk Price As you know, most stores today have a sales site. Online shopping is a very good option for people who do not have enough time to buy in person, or for any reason do not want to buy in person. Our site in the field of pistachio sales And pistachio kernels ، candied pistachios ، powdered pistachio are active. People who want to buy can buy through this site.

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